Merry Christmas

Can you help us fundraise for our 2023 programs?
Australian All Sports Evolution is a not-for-profit organisation based at East Brisbane that runs programs for young children to youth who are disadvantaged or new arrivals to Australia. AASE has helped kids in lower socio-economic backgrounds take part in Futsal (soccer) development programs.
AASE is hoping to raise $6000 to launch our programs next year and we rely heavily on donations, sponsorships and grants to run our programs and one way we receive donations is through Containers for Change run by the BCC.
Would your business be interested in donating bottles or cans to our organisation to help us raise money to run our programs in 2023? We can pick up donations from your business or you can drop your cans/bottles at Mansfield Cash for Cans, our code is: C10216739 or we would appreciate it if you could display our flyer if you have a noticeboard to help spread the word to help our cause. If you would like to contribute at a later stage, please feel free to use our code.
Please give us a call if you can help or make a monetary donation at our fundraising campaign at…/aase-2023-and-2024-disadvantaged…
We’re looking forward to hearing from you and how you can help our fundraising.
Thank you so much.
Maria Contoudios

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