This policy documents Brisbane Central Futsal policy in relation to refunds. Please contact us below if you have any further questions.

Refunds Officer, Brisbane Central Futsal
[email protected]

Player Registration

Where a player has registered to play in an authorised Brisbane Central Futsal competition and has paid the registration fee, a refund will only be given in the following circumstances:

  1. They elect to cancel their registration prior to the season or competition commencing. Such request for a refund should be in writing.
  2. The competition for which they have registered does not proceed.
  3. Brisbane Central Futsal is unable to place the player in a team.

A receipt for the registration paid must be produced in support of any request for a refund.

National Championships, Regional Titles and Tours

As participation in these events is determined by selection, details on our refund policy for these events are issued to the selected player when they accept the invitation to participate.

If you have any queries regarding our refund policy, please contact Brisbane Central Futsal.


It’s is crucial for all players to have insurance before playing. Brisbane Central Futsal recommends Sportscover as our choice player cover. Please refer to the PDS for what is covered.

If you’re needing to make a claim we’ve provided the claim form for you to download.

Sportscover PDS

Claim Form


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